bruges.attribute.spectraldecomp module

Spectral decomposition

copyright:2015 Agile Geoscience
license:Apache 2.0
bruges.attribute.spectraldecomp.spectraldecomp(data, f=(0.1, 0.25, 0.4), window_length=32, dt=1, window_type='hann', overlap=1, normalize=False)[source]

Uses the STFT to decompose traces into normalized spectra. Only frequencies defined by the user will be output. Using 3 frequencies will work for RGB color plots.


data – A 1/2D array (samples, traces) of data that will be decomposed.

Keyword Arguments:
  • f – A list of frequencies to select from the spectra.
  • window_length – The length of fft window to use for the STFTs. Defaults to 32. Can be provided in seconds if dt is specified.
  • dt – The time sample interval of the traces.
  • window_type – The type of window to use for the STFT. The same input as scipy.signal.get_window.
  • overlap – The fraction of overlap between adjacent STFT windows
  • normalize – Normalize the energy in each STFT window

an array of shape (samples, traces, f)