bruges.rockphysics.rpt module

Rock physics templates Uses rock physics models defined in For Voigt-Reuss-Hill averages I define my own function here but I should really change it and use the bounds already defined in bruges. @author: Alessandro Amato del Monte

bruges.rockphysics.rpt.rpt(model='soft', vsh=0.0, fluid='gas', phic=0.4, Cn=8, P=10, f=1, cement='quartz')[source]
bruges.rockphysics.rpt.vrh(volumes, k, mu)[source]

Calculates Voigt-Reuss-Hill bounds. INPUT volumes: array with volumetric fractions k: array with bulk modulus mu: array with shear modulus OUTPUT k_u, k_l: upper (Voigt) and lower (Reuss) average for k mu_u, mu_l: upper (Voigt) and lower (Reuss) average for mu k0, mu0: Hill average of k and mu